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Ashy-faced Owl right above us!

Our goal is to help educate birders who are thinking about DIY birding trips around the world. Together we plan to use this website as a means to share our travel, research, and adventures with you.

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  world2We spent 2015 doing a “Big Year” around the   world. We had a goal of finding 2300 birds in 210 days but we ended the year with 2,448 species. 

From January 1st – July 28th, 2015, we traveled to 13 regions:


a total of 9 countries on 14 flights

(To visit our blog detailing more about the trip, click on “The Trip 2015” at the top and click “Trip Updates.”)

2015 has come and gone, but our adventures will continue. All future adventures will be documented here, on budgetbirders.com