Budget Birding

The idea behind budget birding is to give people a better understanding of Do-It-Yourself birding trips and hopefully give others the confidence and inspiration necessary to independently travel and bird the world.


What exactly is Budget Birding?

Birding on a budget can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The budget of a teenager who has just graduated high school and the budget of a couple in their mid 40’s who have worked steadily for 15 years are probably going to be vastly different. There’s also a good chance their time “budget” is also going to be quite different. When talking about budget birding I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three main categories which are all based off of various transportation means; Backpacking, Self-Transportation, and Hired Driver with Vehicle. Of course the lines between these categories can blend together and often one might find themselves shifting throughout the spectrum of budget birding during a single overseas trip. When planning a trip it is always important to keep two things in mind: time and money. This will help you to determine what types of budget birding is necessary to achieve your desired goals. Find out more about what we determined are the different types of Budget Birding.

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