About Us


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

We believe in travelling the world. Collecting lifelong memories. Visiting places, new and old. Standing in the middle of nowhere and watching as nature takes our breath away time and time again. But most importantly, birding!

We are Ross and Melissa Gallardy and birding has taken us to places we couldn’t have even imagined and brings a whole new dynamic to travelling – at home and afar. We’ve gone to some crazy places and seen some crazy things and at the heart of it all, a love for nature and a love for the outdoors has brought us even closer together. To us, these adventures are the best way to live and what better way to remember them besides taking tons of pictures and writing it all down?! We are using this blog as a way to document all of our budget birding adventures!

A little more personal story…

At the age of six Ross began birdwatching. His skills and ability to find and identify birds has improved over the years and has grown to include bird photography and audio sound recording. Ross has just surpassed seeing 5,000 species of the world’s birds and he is always looking forward to visiting another country to add more birds to his life list. Melissa hasn’t always been a birder (and still doesn’t claim to be one) but she grew up just loving to be outside and currently claims that birding is simply hiking with binoculars! (But for not being a “birder” she is pretty darn serious about not missing a bird.)

In 2015 we spent six months travelling throughout Asia, visiting Japan, Thailand & Cambodia, road-tripping across the United States and then backpacking the Pacific countries of South America, Chile, Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador. We’ve been documenting our adventures ever since and have added several more countries to the ever growing list of places we’ve been! In 2017 we decided to do it again and spent another six months travelling, where we spent four months in Indonesia, and then followed it up with two months in The Comoros, The Seychelles, Reunion, Madagascar and South Africa!

Together we plan to use this website as a means to share our travel, research and adventures with you! Be sure to check out the trip reports for logistics if you want to plan your own budget birding adventure!