On Tuesday (Jan 20) Ross and I visited Jigokudani monkey park, a monkey-spa paradise, where wild Japanese Macaques live and come to bathe in the warm hot springs. The drive to the location the night before was a bit treacherous as it had been snowing heavily and the roads had yet to be plowed. By morning the surrounding forest was covered with a spectacular coat of fresh snow. To get to the area where the macaques come to bathe, you have to do a short 1.5 mile hike through a pine forest. The hike itself was breath taking and the monkeys at the end were the cherry on top! Instead of saying too much more about it, I think I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!

IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4549IMG_4364

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Let me know what your favorite image is! Hope you liked them!




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  1. The butt picture of course lol. how exciting your trip I will definitly follow your blog. Safe travels, Jacky


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