Nimbokrang – West Papua – Chasing Dinosaurs

On our flight over to Nimbokrang after the Arfak Mountains, Stephan and Ross prepped Claudia and myself by basically saying how miserable Nimbokrang would be. Apparently the birding is done while walking along muddy, swampy trails that are infested with an abundance of malaria-carrying mosquitoes and weather consisting of extreme heat and 100% humidity. Hell … Continue reading Nimbokrang – West Papua – Chasing Dinosaurs

Kai Islands (Kecil & Besar) – Indonesia – What the Fako?

Our visit to the Kai Islands was certainly one for the books. When Google Maps and both showed the small town of Fako in the wrong location, our little ‘overnight trip to Kai Besar’ turned into a fiasco. Buttttttt we initially started our trip on the island of Kai Kecil so let me start … Continue reading Kai Islands (Kecil & Besar) – Indonesia – What the Fako?